Monday, June 1, 2015

Steroid Epidemic in the MMA

    Anderson Silva, an accomplished fighter, recently failed a drug test for steroids.   Silva tested positive for anabolic steroids (drostanolone and androsterone),  a drug that increases muscle recovery and increases athletic performance.  Silva is facing a disciplinary hearing with a possibility of suspension. Silva tainted his prestigious career by using illegal substances.  After recovering from a gruesome broken leg in the ring, he turned to steroids to speed up his recovery.  In the blunt words of Joe Rogan "you're talking about a long-ass period of recovery." ( Joe said this when talking about the magnitude of injury Silva experienced.  Silva was nearing the end of his prime fighting years.  As a 40 year old, there would be a long rehabilitation period for Silva.  As fighters age they cannot bounce back as fast as they used to.  Silva competes against men almost half his age that could recover twice as fast.  Steroids can help with recovering from injury, and they can drastically decrease the rehabilitation time.  Silva also had some of the top sponsors displayed on his shorts in the ring.  He needs to keep performing to keep the sponsorships. The benefits of steroids and pressure from the MMA’s culture was too tempting for the champion fighter. 

      "MMA in general is a steroid epidemic" ( said Joe Rogan.  The MMA is not as harsh on  athletes as other professional sports leagues are.  Loose regulations encourage athletes to take steroids, and this caused the epidemic.    The MMA is considering suspending Silva, but there is still a scheduled fight in the near future.  The MMA needs to make an example out of a star like Anderson Silva to deter other athletes from using performance enhancing drugs.  This protects athletes from the opportunity of using performance enhancing drugs.  All professional sports leagues should have strict testing regulations and punishments. 

Remember Google Glass?

              Google's innovative device was designed to put a hands free computer on the America's face. Google is now back on the drawing board because this product failed immensely.  America was not ready for this type of technology.  Technology today is stylish and sleek unlike the clunky google glass.  Users complained about the physical appearance of the device.  Glass does not have the sexiness of most devices today, and to have it constantly displayed on the customer's face was not appealing to many.  America was not ready for such advanced technology in a cuture obsessed with appearance.  The looks of the device was where google first went wrong, but Forbes thought it failed from a marketing stand point.
Glass did not have a clear product launch.  It seemed as thought google has secret showings, and only certain people could buy glass.  The population was not informed enough on when they could get their hands on it.  Apple has hyped events that has news stations covering the long lines stretching from their stores.  These events get people excited about products.  Google Glass seemed like a secret project even on the launch day.  Also according to Forbes the greatness of the product was not communicated to the consumer.  Again Google Glass seemed secretive, and it's features were a secret too.  With any new products launch the company must tell you at least three great features the product can do.  People did not know how to use the product, or what they could do with it.
Google Glass looks less attractive than the average and most common pair of sunglasses, but glass costs more than 1000 dollars more.  The sides of the glasses are designed strangely.  One side is larger than the other to hold the important parts.  This is a counter intuitive design that leads to unbalanced unattractiveness.  Although glass seemed like a step in the right direction, the product failed.  A possible solution to the products failure could be to attach google glass to your favorite pair of glasses or sunglasses with a brand new launch and marketing campaign.  Google needs to be more open about this product for the next launch.

Water Wasters in the West

The western states are experiencing immense shortages of water.  The cost for water has dramatically increased, but this is the least of their problems.  With advancing arrogation systems we could have a golf course in the dessert if we so choose.  A golf course requires many workers to maintain it as well as an arrogation system pumping massive amounts of water everyday.  In the deserts of California and Las Vegas there are many golf courses and lush gardens.  The climate is not meant to support the type and amount of plants in western desert state.  To maintain a community with manicured lawns in the desert takes a lot more water than moister areas.
The colorado river in some parts have dried up because of excessive displacement of water.  The western states are abusing their environment by massive displacement of water.  The River could run a risk of drying out altering the environment and destroying habitats for many animals.  The drought it caused by a continual abuse of water displacement, yet the western states are still using the same system.  The main concern in the population is the increased price of water, but people are not seeing the big picture.