Sunday, May 31, 2015

Necessary Change

Recent protests in the United States over police brutality have sparked new rules in Cleveland for police force.  Police have been killing and using brutal methods against young black teens.  This trend needs to stop with programs similar to Cleveland Police Department.  After scanning over the new rules for policeman, the rules seem like common sense and common police brutality rules, but they are new rules.  "The new rules in Cleveland prohibit officers from using force against people for talking back or as punishment for running away. Pistol whipping is prohibited"  New York Times.  Before a couple days ago police could use physical force against someone for talking back to an officer, and an officer could strike an offender with their metal guns.  This is police brutality.  For merely speaking to an officer the wrong way they could physically harm you.  These rules should have been instituted decades ago.  It is blasphemy that in 2015, police were justified in harming the public in such ways.   These two rules are similar to many on a large list of rules.
There has been talk of placing cameras on all officers on duty to prevent excessive force.  Although this sounds like a good idea, in the case of Eric Gardner the attack was caught on camera, and the officers were not charged.  Filming police officers will not prevent police brutality.  Stricter rules for police officers needs to be implemented to stop police brutality and excessive force.  Policeman have some of the hardest jobs in the world.  They are forced to make life threatening choices in high stress situations.  Most policeman can handle their jobs, and they are trying to protect and serve the public.  The few bad cops ruin the name.