Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is College Worth Your Money?

There is a question that is arising in America with so many young adults with student loans.  Is college finically worth it?  The amount of students with crippling debt that will take years to pay off has been rising in the past decade.  Many kids are the first in their family to attend college.  The students cannot afford college, and our stretching their budgets by taking out large loans.  For many students college is not finically worth their while because they take out large loans and it will take many years to pay off.  Then the job they get does not compensate their investment in education.  In America, society thinks of college as a extension of high school, a necessary education for all.  This is not true, college is an investment.  One spends money to make more money.   Many make the investment, but do not get a job worthy to compensate them.  Going to college leaves many in crippling debt.  There are only so many Wall Street jobs.
This politcal cartoon depicts student debts in America.  A common practice for many students is to take out enormous loans, and the students will be crippled finicially in the future.  The massive weight of the back pack crushing the student.  This picture gives solid backing to the idea that for some Americans college is not a worthy investment. 

Slim Quick

Americans are attracted to get slim quick plans.  A magic program, food, or supplement that will shred fat off you.  A new get slim quick fad is the juice cleanse.  A process in which one only consumes juice from fruits and vegetables for an extended amount of time.  Juice cleanse "experts" claims that it rids your body of toxins and makes you loose weight.  The juice cleanse is based off of zero scientific research, and it is overall detrimental to one who participates in a juice cleanse for an extended period of time.  A person who is only consuming fruits and vegetables is missing out on key macronutrients such as protein.  Humans cannot function without protein, and will begin to shut down.  At first a person participating will loose weight, but the side effects will be detrimental to the person, making them less healthy than they were.
Americans are so caught up with the easy route, a quick program where they do not need to work hard.  In reality, there is not substitute for hard work to become healthy.  A healthy program consists of a balanced diet of all key macronutrients from all food groups, but one is not in a caloric surplus.  There is no magic pill or program to get slim quick.  The nutrition companies are taking advantage of many Americans.  

Racist Fraternity

Recently, a SAE fraternity in Oklahoma was filmed chanting racial slurs and hateful speech directed at black people.  The video shows a group of college kids screaming together their racist speech.  The problems with greek life is an extensive list.  The racist mindset is set by the older members of the social club, and passed down to the younger members.  This is how the cycle of racism is passed through the fraternity.  I would find it very unlikely for underclassman to be openly yelling racist remarks.  It had to be provoked by fraternity traditions, or older members.  Greek life is source of many problems in universities.  Students dying from binge drinking, hazing, and now open racism.  Fraternities have too much freedom, and should have stricter regulations to prevent actions.  This brings terrible publicity to the school.  The fraternity has been rightly terminated at the university.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

The New College Process

My class went over a very interesting article about the college process.  The article went on to talk about students who did not get into their first choice colleges. But, they went to respectable backups.   The standard of their affluent areas is much higher than the national norm.  These students not categorized as very gifted in their schools discovered how great they really were at their universities.  The late bloomer students after attending large state schools later attended Ivy League graduate programs.  The undergraduate program is thought of in american standards to be a make or break process.  If you do not make it into your most challenging school there is always chances to transfer after a year of school, or attend a prestigious graduate program.  The ideal that late bloomers are left behind is an idea of the past.
My class also looked at a list of the CEOs of the top Fortune 500 companies, and out of 20 schools, only 1 was Ivy League.  We can come to the conclusion that college is not a make or break process.  The university one attends does not determine the amount of success one can  achieve.    

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tech Problems

The Apple watch, another revolutionary piece of technology is soon to be released by apple.  As our society progresses we have the need to be in constant contact with other, and now it is always attached to your wrist.  American youth are always on their phones, instead of face to face communication.  This trend of technological communication could be detrimental to development of functioning face to face communication.  While together American youth seem to be texting others more than the people in front of them.  The apple watch now makes it faster to detach from face to face interactions.

The apple watch can make communicating with each other a few seconds faster.  The apple watch comes out with useless features such as being able to send drawings, your heartbeat, and it can tell time.  With all the smart phones like the iPhone and samsung galaxy, there is no need for the apple watch.  The majority of technology on the watch is on most smart phones.  The already released smart phones make the apple watch not necessary.    The apple progresses the youth's mentality of technological communication dependency.
Apple's products look so good you want to lick them.  That is the pitfall with the Apple Watch.  Although it is a very attractive piece of hardware, it is useless and determental.  Every thing Apple has relased from the ipad to the ipod has become wildly popular, but the Apple Watch will not have the same effect.