Monday, June 1, 2015

Water Wasters in the West

The western states are experiencing immense shortages of water.  The cost for water has dramatically increased, but this is the least of their problems.  With advancing arrogation systems we could have a golf course in the dessert if we so choose.  A golf course requires many workers to maintain it as well as an arrogation system pumping massive amounts of water everyday.  In the deserts of California and Las Vegas there are many golf courses and lush gardens.  The climate is not meant to support the type and amount of plants in western desert state.  To maintain a community with manicured lawns in the desert takes a lot more water than moister areas.
The colorado river in some parts have dried up because of excessive displacement of water.  The western states are abusing their environment by massive displacement of water.  The River could run a risk of drying out altering the environment and destroying habitats for many animals.  The drought it caused by a continual abuse of water displacement, yet the western states are still using the same system.  The main concern in the population is the increased price of water, but people are not seeing the big picture.

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