Monday, April 20, 2015

Men in Media

I recently read a very interesting article on the New York Times regarding body image.  When body image comes to mind the average American thinks about a teenage girl starving herself to loose weight.  But, there is a new phenomenon in male body standards.  There has been an increase in the standard of male body perfection.  Because of the increase in standards, more men are using unhealthy methods to achieve society's ideal body.  There has been an increase in steroid use in teens and adults.  The average body builder a few a decades looks like the average gym goer today, and the Body builders today look like inflated balloon animals.  The fitness supplement industry has also skyrocketed because of this trend.  Protein powder, pre workout, and fat burners are flying of the shelves.  Some men take it to the extreme by using steroids.  Advertisements today include shirtless men who look they could be body builders.  Most celebrities and athletes have chiseled six pack, and they are not afraid to show them off.  This increase in muscular physique in media is driving the use of steroids to an all time high.
In this ad you can observe a muscular male subject posing.  This is the standard for most advertisments today.  The majority of advertisments are the result of photoshop and computer tricks.   This sets an unrealistic standard for men that many go to extreme unhealthy lengths to achieve.  

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