Friday, April 24, 2015

Baseball, A Game of Cheaters

There has been an increasing trend of usage of steroids in the MLB.  For some reason it has been a skyrocketing in baseball, but not in other sports.  There is a need for increased strength and performance in baseball.  The standard for atheism in the MLB has wildly increased leaving some players in the dust. The players that are left behind are pressured to cheat to keep up with standard of performance.  In 2013 according to PBS article 13 players were caught in a steroid bust, including all-star A-Rod.  In a single day 12 players received 50 game suspensions for doping.  But, A-Rod received the harshest penalty the MLB has ever dealt with over a hundred games.  The punishments are getting tougher and the use keeps going up.  This trend could be because of increased viewership and competition in baseball.  Baseball players feel the pressure of increased viewership and being the role model of millions of American kids.  

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