Monday, November 17, 2014

The Ugly Side Of Greek Life

America's world renowned Universities have an ugly side.   Greek Life is the social hub for most universities, emphasizing brotherhood and sisterhood.  But, the way you get into these social clubs is through various rituals and hazing.  Hazing can go too far, taking the lives of college kids every year.  Recently, a student at West Virginia University died in a Sigma Chi fraternity house due to hazing.  Pledges are forced every year to binge drink their livers away at hazing events.   I understand a little friendly hazing to initiation someone into the frat but, forcing someone to drink until they die is ridiculous.  These fraternity men do not know how far they are pushing their pledges.  They push until something of this nature happens.  The kicker of all this is the fraternity was suspend, and that's it.  For killing another human being, these men are suspended from having school recognized events.  The vicious cycle continues, swept under the rug.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Casey Neistat, A True American

I came across an article that shocked me on Forbes.   It said most American are not satisfied with their work, and 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at their workplace.  The problem is that these unhappy people are not doing anything to change their career.  Recently I have been watching the youtube videos made by filemaker, Casey Neistat.  This man is a true representation of the American dream, anyone can make it big and doing what you love.  Not many Americans are satisfied with their work and do not embody the true American Spirit.  Casey Neistat spends his days traveling across the world filming videos, skateboarding, and giving lectures.   He films commercials for Nike and Mercedes, and loves it.  But, it wasn't always like this for the patriot.  He was down on his luck.  He was a high school drop out with a child on the way, and working as dishwasher.  Casey maxed out his bank account to buy a computer to edit his videos and the rest is history.  Casey is a role model of mine because he embodies the American working spirit.  He has a tattoo on his hand that says "Do More" in bold across his arm.  This is a constant and permanent reminder to work.  This shows his hard working attitude towards his work doing what he loves, a true American.  Mr. Neistat is my role model because he is what I want to be when I grow up.  He worked hard to get to where he is now.  I don't want to be stuck in a cubicle to rot away in for the rest of my days.   I want to be a true American, working hard and  loving every moment of it.    Every American should embrace these ideals.

That is the problem with many Americans nowadays.  They are content with their boring careers.  Even though they hate working at their job, they just accept it, and don't work harder to get promoted, or take the risk to live their dreams.  Everyone should take a shot at their dreams, just like Casey.  On your deathbed looking back on your life what will be your regrets?
This is a photo from Casey's Nike commercial.  He got a tattoo across his arm of the main idea of the commercial to "Do More".  This shows he embraces and believes in these hardworking, advancing, and American idea.  To go the length of getting it bold on your arm forever, a constant reminder to keep working harder and experience the world.