Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lacrosse Culture

With Lacrosse season around the corner, Long hair, mid calf socks, and neon is standard for a lacrosse bro.  The lacrosse outfitting companies such as Adrenaline and Flow Society are bringing shame to the lacrosse community.  These companies are fitting the youth of lacrosse with crazy patterns and neon colors to wear on and off the field, complete with chrome sticks and pink socks. Throughout modern society there has always been the dude.  A social status of young men who are laid back, have their own language of terms for their lifestyle, and call each other bros.  In the past it has been the skate boarders and surfers as the classic dudes of society.  But, in the last few years this lifestyle and culture has crept in the sport of lacrosse.
Not only is the clothing a problem, but the lifestyle and attitude of young lacrosse players.  The average Lacrosse player does not work hard and has a mindset of not caring about the sport.  The fashion choices are fueling the behavior and choices lacrosse players are making.  Mostly the lacrosse players are viewed as not real athletes that do not work hard.
From being around lacrosse culture for most of my life, I despise it.  It implements the bro attitude into lacrosse players, leading to no work ethic and heart for the game.   The stereotypes of a lacrosse player are present but, not all players are like this.  But, as your career continues only the serious players advance and the bros are weeded out.

Why do think that this culture has infected lacrosse, not other sports?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Lab Rats of The Fitness Industry

Pre work out is a supplement that "increases" performance in the gym by stimulating your body with extensive lists of unstudied chemicals.  These Methamphetamine like products are not regulated by the FDA and, are free to poison the public.  If the massive amounts of caffeine (10x the caffeine in a cup of coffee) aren't enough to get you going the stimulants sure will.  Labels for the products speak for themselves.  A popular pre work out, Mr. Hyde, is named precisely to the message the company is trying to convey.  The message is, you will turn into a workout monster, a different person if you take this product, just like the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  In the novel Dr. Jekyll transforms into a monster, Mr. Hyde.  By saying this, it will increase performance and amp the user up for the gym. Even in the nutrition facts, this message is present.  They are filled with words that  scream this message too, such as strength, intensity, and caffeine matrix, in bold letters.  
The combination of ingredients put into pre work outs are equivalent to borderline meth.  From the first couple of uses the user feels as though they are Mr. Hyde in the gym, but the chickens come home to roost after a few months.  With the effects of the pre work out not feeling the same, the user resorts to taking more of the product, like the habits of a drug addict, which causes more determent to the heart, liver, and kidneys.  The effects of pre workout almost leave entirely  after extensive use.
Since pre work out is a fairly new supplement, it is not studied and regulated as well as most fitness supplements.   The modern age of fitness fanatics are the lab rats to the lasting effects of pre work out.  We will see the true toll that abusers obtain in the later years of their lives.  If they haven't already kicked the bucket from a heart attack.
In a competitive high school there is always a struggle to get ahead.  To make the last spot on the team, or hold a starting position, some teens need an something extra to compete with the rest.  They resort to caffeine.  Caffeine is the most commonly used drug in the world.  It is rampantly seen in high school and university campuses in various forms, energy drinks, coffee, and pre work out.   As more and more youth discovers the limited effects of pre work out, there has been a large increase in use.  In my personal experience our coaches and doctors tell us not to take it, but the need to succeed overcomes some teens.  Hopefully they will be around to tell their own kids not to take the supplements they did.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Dangers of Football

One in three NFL players experience brain damage and trauma.  Is football too dangerous of a sport?  This argument has recently been provoked due to former players suing the league.   In my opinion I agree that the NFL and football organizations, youth, high school and college programs are not taking the proper precautions to protect the players.  They say that the average professional running back experiences the force of multiple car crashes every game.  Multiple bone crunching, neck snapping, concussion giving hits every game.  This continual abuse has it's consequences later in life and reappears as long-term cognitive problems.
Not only in the NFL, are brain damage and other injuries rampant in Football but, in lower tiers of the sport too.  Last week three high school football players died due to sport related head trauma.  This is not a coincidence, there is a direct correlation between concussions and football, that can lead to lifetime injuries and death.   There needs to be a change in the protective equipment and rules to assure the safety of players.  The hands of the commissioners of the football leagues of America are stained with the blood of these dead high school players.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Media Scare Tactics

Every news station in America is now reporting on ebola, the foreign sickness has now breached our borders.   One man from Liberia caused Americans to worry about their well being because of media's representation of the situation, the new media scare tactic.  Everywhere we consume media there is talk of the disease, scaring the public.  Scaring everyone and their mother to fear for their lives, drives up the viewers.  Mercilessly, the media bombardes the public with fear, the articles and news stories are blown out of proportion and over exaggerated.   The media has been running wild with stories, to earn more revenue, the capitalism and the American dream... right?
A couple of years ago, the new scare tactic was H1N1. Supposedly, swine flu was going to infect every man, woman, and child in America.  The media portrayed this sickness as the end of days, urging people to wear surgical masks, to prevent from becoming ill.  History repeats its self and America never learns.